Karen and Ron

Our Story

In case you missed it...we did too..... and in case you missed our story, here it is with a new ending:

They met at the Farmer's Market in a St. Petersburg downtown park. They walked and talked. After a few hours, they decided a real date was warranted. Ron sent her an email with a children's helicopter song. He asked if she had ever ridden in a helicopter. "No", she said. "What should I wear? Are high heels ok?" "Sure", he said. They met and he challenged her to sing the helicopter song to the pilot, with the lure of a helicopter teeshirt. She got her shirt.

Ron thought she looked like a little girl when her jaw dropped open as the helicopter took off. Her eyes got big and bright. They took an amazing helicopter ride over downtown St. Pete, the coast, and even hovered over her home. She was so excited! The pilot said, "Don't you want some photos?" " OMG, yes! I almost forgot," she said. And then she took lots of photos.
After landing, the pilot took their photo. While having dinner at the airport restaurant, they watched others take off for a similar fabulous journey.
Then she suggested gelato at a little place downtown. He said "I'm not big on ice cream." She said "This isn't ice cream. It's Gelato! You have to try it." He agreed and has been a gelato afficionado every since.

They strolled along Beach Drive, in front of the Museum of Fine Arts, to many different shops, and cafe's, and listened to music at various places along the way. It was pretty obvious neither one wanted this night to end. Finally they ended up in a small cafe' with bright lights. It was almost midnight and people were leaving. The waitress went to lock the door. Ron asked, "Are you closing? Should we leave?" She said, "Oh, no, you have plenty of time. I have to clean up. Enjoy your tea."
Then the perfect music came in on the cafe's muzak. Their eyes met. He stood up so tall, so handsome, extended his hand and said, "Would you like to dance?" Right then she fell in love. They danced, oblivious to passersby.
They went out to her car. He asked if he could kiss her goodnight.

Two and a half years later, on New Year's Eve, he asked her to marry him at that same park where they first met. On Valentine's Day he gave her a gorgeous engagement ring during a 2nd helicopter ride. And then they went to a beautiful jewelry exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

They were to be wed on May 23,2020 at that very Museum, but the Museum was closed. So they made it a play-day, and spent that day getting "pretend-married" in 8 places.

Rescheduled to May 29, 2022, they are soooo looking forward to their big day, to celebrate with friends and family.